Zadar is connected to Zagreb and other Croatian cities with  A1 highway wich easily links to the European road network. Coming to Zadar is  simple and fast: from Zagreb to Zadar you should have less than 3 hours drive.

On the link bellow you can check out the Croatia Traffic Info:

Here are some live cams of the most important traffic points in Croatia

Connections from Zadar to major Croatian cities:

  •  Split 115 km
  • Dubrovnik 340 km
  • Rijeka 290 km
  • Zagreb 285 km

Connections from Zadar to major European cities:

  • Vienna 635 km
  • Budapest 625 km
  • Prague 960 km
  • Warsaw 1310 km
  • Berlin 1330 km
  • Amsterdam 1590 km
  • Paris 1650 km
  • Rome 1030 km

Speed Limits

  • 50 km / h
  • outside populated areas 90 km / h
  • on roads for motor vehicles and on highways 110 km / h
  • on highways 130 km / h
  • for motor vehicles with a trailer without brakes 80 km / h
  • for buses and buses with a light trailer 80 km / h, on highways 100 km / h, except for those buses carrying children.

Mandatory driving with the lights during winter time.
No mobile phones allowed.
Use of seat belts is mandatory. Reflective vests drivers are obliged to use when on the road, outside the vehicle (changing a tire, doing repair works on the car, filling up with petrol when the vehicle runs out of, asking for help stopping other vehicles, etc.).Reflective vests are obligatory equipment in vehicles.

Gas stations

Petrol stations in larger cities and on motorways are open 0-24 hours. Petrol stations fill Eurosuper 95, Super 95, Super 98, Super plus 98, Euro Diesel fuel.
In the historic centers the number of parking spaces is limited, since most of the city streets and surfaces are intended for pedestrians. Most of the parking spaces are in a port along the city walls,  the largest parking lot is at Jazine and is located near the Peninsula. Toll parking spaces on public area of the Peninsula and Branimir’s coast is divided into two zones – the blue and white, and the first and second parking zone, which differs in hold mode and price. Multy storey closed parking is located in the new building complex at Branimir coast by which to the city center takes  the nearby pedestrian bridge. Parking spaces for the disabled are available and marked on all car parks.
Service parking in Zadar can be paid by SMS messages. Search the number for sending messages on parking machines and simply send the number of registration plates of the vehicle (without space and special characters) to 8231 (first blue zone) or 8232 (second white zone). Payment is confirmed upon receipt of SMS messages.

From Zadar you can continue by ferry lines to Dugi otok. For more information, refer to the “Traveling by boat”

You can also plan your route using:

  • 1Store
  • 2Pontoons A
  • 3Pontoons B
  • 4Pontoons C
  • 5Pontoons D
  • 6Pontoons E
  • 7Entrance
  • 8Reception
  • 9WC
  • 10Laundry service
  • 11Parking